Thursday, June 17, 2010

Papier Mache Menagerie

So, I'm totally lovin' on Ellie Somerville's apartment in the current issue of Lonny. It's completely normal for me to go back through issues over and over again to look at spaces, and I'm finding that this go 'round, Ellie's is the space I'm studying. It's the perfect bachelorette pad!

For sure, one of my favorite elements is that whimsical papier mache rhino head from Anthro hanging above her Parsons's the perfect touch of safari/whimsy/I-don't-take-myself-too-seriously/art:

Love it. I hopped over to Anthro (via the uber convenient link) and checked out their other papier mache animal bust offerings (never thought I'd write those words together), and I like the options:

 a gazelle
(i think she's my favorite)

I thoroughly enjoy a touch of the unexpected in a room, don't you? Happy surprises. And Mr. Rhino in Ellie's room fits the bill.

Hmmm...I bet all four of these might make a cool collection on a wall...

And on a side note, do you have fond memories of papier mache? I remember loving the stuff...all of that slimy newspaper...I was a messy kid - I had an affinity for mud, slush, clay. Papier mache ranked high among my favorite camp activities.


  1. i'm loving mr. rhino!!!
    (ooh and mr. zebra too)

    so cute!

  2. I think the giraffe would be cute in a nursery! Thanks for sharing....I really need to get on the Lonny train!

  3. gazelle!! soo adorable!

  4. i need an elephant one. too cute.

  5. love the post!!! i carried these pieces in my shop last year....the newsprint is actually from french / haitian newspapers and are all made handmade in haiti...beautifully done! i should definately order them again...

    thanks for reminding me! i do really love your blog!


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