Monday, June 28, 2010

Virginia Living

Whilst sitting in the dentist's office last week, I picked up an issue of Virginia Living magazine...and flipped right to the Home section (as I do with most publications, if such a section exists)...and was stunned by the feature on a home in Fredericksburg, VA.

The historic home, named Smithsonia, is owned by the Stewart Family (Cathy, Doug and three kids). Upon buying the place, the Stewarts took on a cosmetic renovation and infused this landmark home with color, pattern and sophisticated fun with the help of designer Suellen Gregory .

All photography by Kip Dawkins via

(note the Chiang Mai roman shade)

There is a lot to love in this place...and from the article, the Stewarts were keen on keeping as much of the old detailing as possible. The home has terrific Chinoiserie touches and a wonderful use of color. Keeping it chic in the Commonwealth.

The article was a very interesting read - check it out here!


  1. Wow! I love the infusion of fun colors and patterns. It makes what could have been a stuffy, historic home young and fresh. And, of course, you know I love the Chiang Mai (thanks for your comment, btw)!

    It's too funny, both you and The Zhush saw great things while flipping through magazines at the dentist. I need to work on updating my husband's waiting room fare (he's a dentist) as his magazines mainly consist of People, Time and Real Simple (I did choose that one).

    Thanks again for sharing this house!

  2. Fantastic! Absolutely love all the color, pattern and interest. Great style to be sure.

  3. This place is incredible. They have some really quirky colours and patterns. I love the zebra carpt on the stairs. I think a lot of people would shy away from combining so many elements but it works really well. Great find.

  4. Wow -i think your text should read 'infused the home with A LOT of color...' haha. I seriously love this place. It's what modern living is all about today: taking the best of the old (the house) and making it fun and liveable for today!


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