Thursday, June 24, 2010

Garden Stools Galore

Ceramic garden stools are classic. I'm not sure they will ever be out of style, but they are definitely having a heyday right now. You can find them at all different price points and in so many styles.

I came across these on QVC, and I appreciate the color choices...

You usually don't find garden stools in these more neutral, masculine tones...they are handsome. And, because you know I love a bargain, they are about $45, inclusive of shipping...not bad! The design is standard, but I think the colors are unique and would add a nice dose of Chinoiserie to any room.

Click here to score yours...


  1. This is a timely post! I went to my mother's house yesterday to help with a chore and saw a beautiful white garden stool hidden in a closet upstairs. She's probably had it since the 70s. We brought it downstairs, but she can't figure out where it might go--maybe out on her lovely patio. I'll send a pic when it's perfectly placed.

  2. They also have garden stools at Big Lots for $20.

  3. Wow! What a great find-I'm loving the gray! Fabulous Blog!
    Check out my blog sometime! xoxo


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