Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dialogue with My Husband

In reference to yesterday's bathroom post, an email exchange with my husband:

D: I really like the bathroom in this picture, what do you think?

C: I like it.

D: It's so elegant and simple...maybe it's the marble that looks so good. I think something like this would look nice for the bathroom. What do you think about the paint color?

C: Wasn't it just soft white?

D: No - it was more like a beige-pink.

C: Oh. I guess that's Ok. These are your decisions.

He's a good man, people. Even with pink! I think that shows that he trusts me, as I have yet to encounter a room in our home that he is not pleased with.

I can't tell you how many times I've turned over that bathroom pic in my's a winner. I see some paint samples in my future this weekend, and I've already started to collect some ideas about the mirror over the sink and other trimmings for the space.

Here's a peek at the fabric I plan to use for a shower curtain - a lovely caramel-toned ikat-ish stripe by Cowtan & Tout:

My plan B if the pink doesn't work out is to stick to a light caramel hue for the paint color...we'll see what I decide after this weekend!

p.s. A thank you to Beth for the "Setting Plaster" suggestion - will need to remember that one if "pink" doesn't end up going over well.


  1. I would have called it a fleshy beige and not a beige-pink. Much more palatable for a guy.

  2. My husband would have said the same thing. Good husbands, indeed! Best of luck on picking the right paint color. Just went through that with the main color in my house. Always a struggle. Good luck! Your bathroom will be beautiful!


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