Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Funny Girl

Are you a Funny Girl devotee like I am?

Man, I love this movie. Fanny's outfits, the songs, the interiors (!) - and obvi Omar Sharif. I tend to rate movies on how often I can watch them over and over again and still love them, and this one gets the highest marks.

We've also seen this cute poster grace the walls of some interiors, perfect for a girl's room:

Well, Fanny Brice, aka Barbra Streisand (actually, that's probably the other way around!) has written an interior design book.

I'm going to guess that Ms. Streisand's style is a bit different from my own, but out of curiosity, I'd like to peek inside these pages (aren't you always curious what others like?). I'm always interested when celebrities name interior design as their passion other than acting/entertaining - doesn't happen often (and I don't always enjoy their results), but it's interesting to see how Hollywood interprets interiors.

What do you think her style is like? That's a lot of velvet (I think of the crushed variety) on the cover...I'm thinking opulent.


  1. Oh my Daniela. I knew we were meant to be friends, but this just seals the deal.

    I love Babs! Funny Girl is one of my favorite movies!!!!!

  2. I'm thinking horrible and please stick to singing. (Her favorite color is burgundy-help me!)

  3. what?? wow. i'm not loving all of that velvet (including the shawl), but i'd definitely like to peak inside.

  4. Oh my. Well, I once saw Oprah interview Babs, and she said that the flowers outside each room of her house match the colors in that particular room. And she said it so matter-of-factly, like isn't that the way everyone lives?? She's an odd duck, but you've got to love her.

  5. Based on the cover, it appears that Ms. Streisand is a rather big fan of pale gray-blues (and crushed velvet!).

    Bizarre to me that she wrote a design book, but if Paula Deen can design outdoor rugs....

  6. Don't know about today, but she used to have an extensive art deco collection, around which her entire interior was done. It was chic in a very Babs-esque way. Exactly what you'd expect: smooth, slick, modern lines, shiny surfaces, etc. I'd be curious to know if she still retains some of that, or if she's sold off the collection... Lauren


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