Monday, May 24, 2010

Lucketts Loot

Saturday morning, I convinced Carter to take a "quick" detour from our original weekend plans to go with me to the Lucketts Spring Market....and I'm so glad we went! The outdoor market (a special extension of the usual store), located about one hour from us, had a plethora of goodies to pick from. I had the best time walking among the vendors and scoping out their loot...and I of course came away with a couple of gems myself.

Some items that caught my eye:

This pair of striped nightstands were killer. They would actually be perfect in our bedroom, but I'm happy with what we have, so here they stayed. But I looooved them.

Carter and I have nearly this exact piece in one of our guest bedrooms...we bought ours off of Craigslist. This version had gorgeous fretwork in the glass doors and a top decorative piece that ours doesn't have, but all other details were exactly the same. There were LOTS of shabby chic and burlap/french country-type vendors there...this was one of them.

I adored this little stool - this vendor had lots and lots of them.

Ok, this rug is the one that got away. I L-O-V-E-D it and was mesmerized by its color palette and Chinoiserie motif....was contemplating where I could use it....wondering how much they were selling it for...and BOOM, this lady walks up, is like "Oh my gosh, I love this. I'll take it." NOOOOOOO. Dang it.

I love you old, beat-up Chinoiserie rug.

Now on to the finds that came home with me!

This awesome fretwork table/shelf came home to be used in our upstairs bathroom...although I'm currently very in love with it and am trying to think of another, more proper use (and somewhere to show off the fret). Although I love the color, I think for our use it will be painted black.

The fret shot.

And now for the money find:
YES! You are seeing that correctly...I finally found a bamboo chandelier to call my own. I was standing in line at the Lucketts store, buying a beautiful little set of dessert plates, and this was hanging right above my head with a price tage of $65...ummm, yes please. Oh happy day! I didn't shut up about it for a while to Carter (who, at that point, had given up following me around and stationed himself on a little grassy spot with his blackberry and the fretwork table).  The chandy is PERFECT for the design scheme I have going for one of our guest bedrooms...I can't wait to use it.

Of course, as soon as I got my hands on the chandy my thoughts went to the Chinoiserie rug and how beautifully they would coordinate! But alas, I can't win them all. As I was walking out to meet Carter, I walked past the lady who bought the rug and she remarked that she loved my chandelier and lamented that she didn't get it herself...and I smiled. There is enough good loot to go around for everyone.


  1. What great finds, I might have to make a road trip out that way!

  2. Wow. That's a successful weekend. Looking forward to seeing how the new purchases look in your house.

  3. That's a great weekend story! I bet the rug lady is telling her friends about the bamboo chandy that got away.

  4. Anonymous5/24/2010

    You cleaned up! Gosh I miss Lucketts!!! Those striped nightstands are amazing, as was the rug! So sad it got away. :( But that chandy is perfect, and I love the turquoise bookshelf!

  5. LOVE your finds == I want to see picks when you get them into place. And that rug WAS gorgeous (and very unique!). Ah well...I think your table and chandy make up for the loss!

  6. I'm looking again at your table, and not to put the cart before the horse, but it looks like it would work perfectly as a changing table sometime in the future. It has a little lip at the top to keep a pad from sliding off, and room down below for diapers and such. I can't tell how tall it is, however. Just a thought. . .

  7. Wow what a great weekend! My search for a bamboo chandelier lead me to blogging. How lucky you are to have found one. What a price.

  8. You lucky lady you! I've been searching for a bamboo chandelier to call my very own. Your good fortune just gave me hope, my dear!

  9. omg 65 dollars!! im sooo jealous! Lucky girl!!! :-) cant wait to see it in your house.

  10. First Luckett's sale I have missed...and it killed me! But, thanks for some very fun "virtual" shopping with you!!!

  11. Great finds! I just found your blog through your guest spot on Averills and I love it! That link you provided for the other house that a was a contender for your post was amazing too - that little Moroccan - inspired reading nook made me swoon!


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