Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Headboards from MY

I love a custom headboard, don't you? I think a headboard can be a beautiful focal point for a bedroom - and if it is big and bold enough, you can keep everything else in the room tame (and inexpensive) and still have showstopper sleeping quarters.

Megan Young took center stage yesterday, but I'm not quite done - she designs knock-out rooms but also offers a custom headboard service, and her results are gorgeous! After seeing these beauties, I'm majorly inspired to get out the plywood and a staple gun, but I'm not sure my results would be as stunning as these:

 The Garcia

The Linden

The Nathaniel

The Liza

The Kelly

The Kelly (with buttons)

The Betsy

And my personal favorite...
The Simpson
with its pagoda-like silhouette - would be perfect with a geometric fretwork pattern in a bright color of one of my beloved Chinoiserie silhouette fabrics...oh my.

If you're interested in one of MY's custom headboards, check out here website - UPDATE: Amanda gave me the scoop that Megan designs these lovelies for anyone! So feel free to contact her, no matter your location.


  1. They are sooo beautiful! Why am i in CA!

  2. This was AWESOME! I Just did a custom padded headboard for a client and now I'm thinking my design looks awfully boring compared to these beauties!!! she's fab! great post as always!

  3. oh wow. the BETSY is my fave..but i would take them all!

    PS come by my site today for a zebra rug giveaway! :)

  4. Wow what a collection. She is amazing.Great fabric choices.

  5. I'm so glad that Averill featured you. I'm looking forward to your fabulous posts but this one is perfect as I'm in need of a headboard &so not loving anything I've seen until..The Simpson!!!


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