Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cranes, Herons & Egrets

I'm not quite done with the prints of my favorite subjects for prints (and anything really) is birds...particularly cranes, herons and egrets.

These elegant leggy creatures, that I always confuse with each other, appeal to me because they are not only found in Chinoiserie art and accents, but are also found in the lowcountry of South Carolina perching beautifully along the marshes and coastal areas - a gorgeous sight if you've seen it.

I'm a sucker for avian John James Audubon (or Audubon-esque) prints, and I've been contemplating these for a while:

The first one in particular has all of the colors of our bedroom, so I think it might find a home there if I can figure out where to hang it (90% of our rooms walls are sloped and thus not good for hanging).

You can find all of these prints on by searching the term "heron"...and you'll get similar results on eBay by searching "heron print" or "Audubon print".


  1. When do we get to see pictures of that bedroom???

  2. Still working on that - I want to finish some details before I take pix :)

  3. I have that first one in our downstairs powder room and just love it. The colors are very nice and the detail is fantastic.

  4. I have just discovered your blog and am reading your older posts. You might be interested to know that the second print is available at Stein Mart (of all places), matted and framed for a little less than $150. It's 36" tall and about 45" wide, so really big. The colors are gorgeous and it really makes a statement. I bought it for my husband, since he went to medical school at LSU. It will be a nice reminder of Louisiana while we are in Charlottesville.


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