Thursday, May 13, 2010

Stripes Jackpot!

I was perusing the Elle Decor site, checking out the mag's online galleries (because this is what I do for fun, as I'm sure many of you do) and I hit the stripes jackpot with a photo gallery called "Wall Treatments: Say it With Stripes."

I'm a NUT for stripes. I think I have stripes in every room - from the walls, to pillows, to fabric, etc. It's a geometric that can do no wrong in my book - and my preference leans toward the classic combo of a color striped with white/ivory, but I also enjoy two-tone color combos. My dining room is striped in two shades of green and I loooove it.

These images epitomize how amazingly chic stripes can be:

All images via
 Photographer: Thibault Jeanson

My FAVORITE of the bunch from designer Bruno de Caumont. This is a stripe to perfection - classic, hip, feminine...the color scheme is amazing and the wall is styled beautifully. I could just move right into this room and be very, very happy.

 Photographer: Pieter Estersohn
Adoring the red/white/black combo of this entryway from Kristiina Ratia.

Photographer: Thibault Jeanson

Stripes carry visual impact but these hues of cream and gray from Catherine Memmi keep the look serene (and gray is such a wonderful of my current favorites).

Photographer: William Waldron
I usually don't like a multi-colored stripe, but coupled with the textiles and furniture, Sheila Bridges creates a very eclectic, hip look in this space.

 Photographer: Thibault Jeanson

I love the way Alessandra Branca runs this stripe both vertically and horizontally in this small space - especially coupled with the harlequin floor, but it works. Makes a small corner come alive. (Not to mention the black/white combo is always tops in my book)

 Photographer: Simon Upton

A brilliant butler's pantry from Paula Caravelli (I'd like to add butler's pantry to that list of rooms I want my next house to have)...I oft go for a vertical stripe, but always enjoy seeing images of horizontal ones - and the colors used in this pantry tie in to the dining room - something we did with our own living room/dining room (tied the dining room stripes to the living room color to give the two rooms a good flow).

 Photographer: Pieter Estersohn

Crisp horizontals from Steven Learner - the look is so tailored and fantastic for this bathroom.

 Photographer: Fernando Bengoechea

A classic blue and white nautical stripe (the cute kid helps too) from Christopher Farnam...a beautiful combination coupled with those gorgeous floors and that mirror.

I think one of my favorite things about stripes is that they can be painted!! Designers often use lovely (expensive) wallpapers to achieve these looks, but with two colors of paint and a good dose of patience you can get all of these high-impact looks for little money.

See the rest of the stripes jackpot gallery here...


  1. I go back and forth on's like a love hate relationship I have going on. BUT those horizontal stripes? It's all love...

  2. a vertical stripe, much like in clothing, can hide a lot of faults in the architecture. Low ceilings? lots of weird bump outs? add a trip!


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