Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Set Your Table with a Sale

I'm a sucker for sales...they make me think about spending money that I wasn't going to spend to begin with (and let's be honest...not always just think about it, but do it). I chanced upon a good sale yesterday that now has me thinking that perhaps I need a new set of dinnerware...

Damn you catalog stylists that make this pink and blue table look so divine...

The star of the show is this GORGEOUS five-piece setting called "Maize" available via Horchow...

I love its take on blue and white Chinoiserie with a geometric twist...wouldn't this look drop-dead coupled with some blue and white ginger jars ( my dining room)?

Oh, but back to the sale this dinnerware comes as a 20-piece set (four complete place settings) usually priced at $280 (which, for a whole set, isn't ridiculous)...but it's currently 30% off, so you can get the set for $'s the perfect "starter kit" for someone wanting to either start a dinnerware collection (say a very chic young professional/college grad) or to just have fun with a new pattern to use for smaller dinner parties (can you see I've turned this over in my head for myself?)

And if you're looking for something a bit more refined, I also found this stunning china pattern from Wedgwood called "Dynasty" also on sale at Horchow this week...

Greek key and foo dogs (or are those dragons? like it matters...I'm good either way) - yes and yes.
A five-piece place setting of this stunner is around $100 - this would make a very chic wedding pattern (and to be honest, the non-sale price of $140 for the setting isn't bad considering that is often what just one plate with less character costs).

I'm a firm believer that china patterns are like outfits - you need several so you are always prepared for the right occassion...and if you can pick them up on sale, even better.


  1. The blue set is gorgeous! If only I could justify the purchase right now...

  2. Purchase the Dynasty!!! I have a set of espresso cups and saucers and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

  3. set is gorgeous. I want.

  4. Funny you would be writing about this today. I spent my whole morning roaming thru Tuesday Morning looking for some fun chinoiserie dishes to add to my collection... no luck for me today, though... but the blue and white set I just might consider...

  5. Your blog is so fun! I'm having a great time reading it. Eye Candy PLUS great suggestions!


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