Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wahoowa, Mr. Gambrel

Elle Decor's recent "A-List" of their fave designers mentions the University of Virginia in the short blurb of NYC-based Steven Gambrel (a graduate of the University's architecture school). UVa. and Elle Decor typically don't tango, so I was excited to see two of my worlds come together in print - my natural reaction was to head on over to Mr. Gambrel's site to check out his work.

Designer Steven Gambrel

I've seen Steven Gambrel's spaces dotted amidst the blogosphere (actually, some of the pix I'm now realizing were his), and I'm smitten with my fellow Wahoo's aesthetic. I love seeing a portfolio that runs the gamut...he's wonderful with color, neutral spaces, hip and eclectic, elegant with touches of traditional...again, like that CD where all the tracks are good.

The proof:

All images via

I got a little picture-posting-happy because I literally couldn't pick just a couple to post...I loved them all (and I'm even saving one for tomorrow). And I only scratched the surface of looking through about 3 or so of his "Town" projects (his portfolio is split between Town/Country)...that means that I'll obvi be going back for some more inspiration and a tour through his Country spaces.

Another designer to add to my list of favorites...

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  1. Steven Gambrel is DEFINITELY one of my all-time favorites. In fact, I'm a little jealous you get to call him a fellow alumnus!


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