Monday, May 10, 2010

Etched Glass DIY

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Oh, it's Monday. It feels like Monday...who's with me? I'm already off and running with a million and a half things to get done this week...ok, I'll stop whining.

I posted a wonderful Southern Living DIY last week, and this one was 2nd in the running for a post. I had planned to do a little more research on the topic of etching glass to give you some more ideas, but seeing how Monday morning has snuck (sneaked?) up on me, I thought I would go ahead and start your week with this great idea from the magazine...did anyone try it when they saw it in the mag?

This sweet little inexpensive mirror was jazzed up with a Greek key pattern, an exacto knife and some etching cream (I didn't even know there was such a thing until I saw this). I have also seen some etching projects on blogs recently and I'm quite intrigued...especially for the monogramming possibilities - not to mention the Greek key featured here! I'm always up for Greek-keying something (yes, I just made Greek key a verb). inspired...etch away...and have a fab start to your week.


  1. I've etched glass before with the cream and it works, but we warned that you need to make sure you apply the cream pretty evenly so that the etching is uniform. Also, be careful where you do the project as the cream is REALLY corrosive.
    See here for my horrible mishap (but cute DIY result):

  2. Good to know Averill! Thanks for the pointer...and I like the project you did!

  3. This would be such a great DIY project! I would love to try it. It really adds a lot to the space and I think the mirror would be boring without it!

  4. With you sister! mondays come too soon!

    love this idea :)

  5. Just love it! I always forget about glass etch, such an inexpensive thing makes such a big impact!

  6. I saw this when I got my magazine, its such a cute idea!


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