Monday, February 15, 2010

I Spy...

Do you recall this vintage room designed by Peter Shore from my post last week?

I couldn't stop thinking about those brass birds on the coffee table - they look like cranes or flamingos or some other lanky, beautiful bird. I have a thing for all things "oiseau", so I'm in love with these figurines - especially with my as-of-late obsession for brass.

So I went to one of my sources for vintage items, Etsy, and sure enough, I had a plethora of brass bird beauties to choose from...

Brass cranes from Etsy seller RoomServiceVintage - $20

Brass cranes from Etsy seller old2newmemories - $17.50

Brass shore bird from Etsy seller ImSoVintage - $38

Brass crane on a turtle from Etsy seller ImSoVintage - $20

Ok, so the crane on the turtle is a little quirky, but I find these brass birds so fact, I love all brass animal figurines (especially elephants!) but these birds just stole my heart. I LOVE that we have Etsy to look for these little treasures!


  1. Which ones did you get?

  2. None yet LD...still figuring out where I'd put them!

  3. Etsy is such a great resource for vintage -- thanks for introducing me to some new sellers!

  4. Oh Daniela do I feel bad! I have done yard sales and even tags sales in my basement when I need to clear "inventory" and I know I had some of these at some point. I know you will find're a vey good huntress!

  5. I agree! I adore avian art in any form. The longer, the leanen, the more graceful. Well selected.


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