Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Vintage Blue

I did my second run through my current House Beautiful issue last night - do run through your favorite mags several times? I feel like the first time I read it I'm so excited and flipping the pages so quick that I miss I always go back at a slower pace a second and maybe a third time to absorb the goodness...

Anyway, I was flipping through it again and spent a good bit of time looking at the fun collage HB put together of their blue rooms through the years. Some of the rooms looked like their decade, but there were several that I thought would work perfectly today....probably because we're experiencing a bit of throw-back "Mad Men" style in decor, but also because these rooms have so many timeless elements.

Some of my favorites:
All images via
All photography by Philip Friedman/Studio D
February 1950
Design by Mrs. Wright Richardson

This one was my #2 favorite...I had a hard time picking out something that I thought was outdated. Decorating with china is timeless, I LOVE that chair and the lines of the sofa that are peeking through seem perfect. I like the tables and the lamps and the painted fireplace is it all.

December 1955

Ok, I think the Jello mold gives this one away, but only the food is outdated in this image. I ADORE that centerpiece. And obvi the color turquoise is here to was named as the color of the year by Pantone. I think this picture could hold its own on House of Turquoise (ps. Stephen Drucker mentioned HoT in the issue...way to go Erin!).

November 1965
Design by Otto Zenke

This one was my #1 favorite...those peacock velvet chairs!! And the matching cabinet behind them is wonderful...I also love the lamp and just the overall feeling of the room. 

April 1966
Design by Inman Cook

I don't love the particular choice in wallpaper/fabric, but I could see this easily done today - even using this pattern. I love the mirror, sconces, framed prints and the overall concept...and is that a peek of a garden stool at the bottom of the pic? 

November 1976
Design by Peter Shore

I love all the fabrics in this one - the drapes, the pillows, the chairs. I also love the lines of the couch (kind of similar to ours) as well as the brass birds sitting on the neat coffee table. 

January 1977
Design by Mario Buatta

Totally timeless...this room would work for me now. LOVE the fabrics and colors...and that mirror over the fireplace is amazing.

So are these rooms eye-catching because we're having a throw-back to vintage style, or because they are truly timeless rooms that withstand decades and trends?


  1. Jello molds are still alive and well (though I prefer the term "concealed salad." I'll take a nice shrimp mold or tomato aspic or cranberry salad anytime. Of course, I also still own a pair of Dr. Scholl's sandals. . .Love the post.

  2. E - your Jello molds sound delicious. What, pray tell, is tomato aspic?

  3. I definitely flip back through (sometimes for weeks) and this HB was a knock-out for me so I'm sure I'll be pouring over it for quite some time. Love the rooms you've chosen -- just goes to show you that good style CAN be timeless.

  4. I absolutely do that too, It takes me a good two or three times to really elt the whole magazine sink in! lol. I have a nice stage of vintage home magazines.... it totally looks like thats where jonahtan adler got all of his ideas from!


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