Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Crush

Carter! Obviously this Valentine's Day weekend, my crush is Mr. Shuffler. Here he is replacing our dining room chandelier (he had just come in from a run and was kind enough to do the task before dinner). 

Carter is such a huge part of my interior design life. He constantly helps me think through how to implement my ideas. I joke about his resistance to my nutty antics, but he truly is incredibly supportive of me (in everything). Carter's attention to detail is amazing and he has done beautiful work around the AO house (I've been neglectful in showing your our kitchen, but he installed a lovely beadboard ceiling). I have been completely amazed/awed/floored at what he has done in our house...I've made it pretty but truly the home's renovation has been Carter's labor of love (with help from his dad).

Mr. Wonderful has been on a business trip - leaving me to weather the snow alone - so I'm incredibly happy to have him back home this weekend. 

Hope you enjoy a wonderful V-day weekend with your crush...See you Monday!


  1. Oh great crush!

    He sounds just like Jon. The poor man I think up all these crazy ideas and he needs to figure out how we can do them.

    Have a great Valentine's day!

    I'll keep you posted!!!

  2. Me too! I create the challenge and he solves it. It's the perfect combo! Happy V-day to you and Jon :)

  3. Awww - so sweet, and gorgeous pic of you two! Have a great weekend with your honey!

  4. Thanks MLHP! Same to you...

  5. You guys are adorable, Daniela! Happy Valentine's Day!!

  6. Great picture of you guys. Hope you had a lovely weekend.


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