Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Busy, busy bee

I'm a busy, busy bee. I was planning a great post for today, but frankly ran out of time to finish it up between last night and this morning. So, I'll leave you with a teaser, which is the image above...I'm posting about something in this room...hmmm...

Have you ever seen purple and orange looks so chic? I can definitely say I do not like that color combo, but it works here. It's a pretty traditional space but the colors keep it comfortable. If I was a Clemson fan, I would totally dig this as my football-game-watching room.

Back tomorrow with a full post!


  1. Could it be those orange toile chairs?? I wonder...KG

  2. Could it be those orange toile chairs??? I wonder.....KG

  3. Purple and orange (like purple and gold) can definitely run a major risk of looking tacky, but you're right, it works here....but yes, my vote is on the orange toile chairs as well!


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