Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Searching for Brass and Glass

Carter and I painted our bedroom last weekend. Just like that. We painted it. I thought it was going to take us weeks to slowly tackle the task, but I was amazed at how quickly a paint job can go in a team.

So to get said painting done, we moved everything out of the room (minus the bed). I always love doing that because it gives me a moment to rethink the arrangement of the space and be picky about what I let back in. After some thought, I  decided to put the chest of drawers in a slightly different location...which brought about the "need" for a new end table ("need" is my word..."unnecessary" is Carter's).

Although the main level of our home is definitely colorful and punchy, our bedroom is quite traditional (actually it's nothing at the moment but the design scheme is traditional). And my metal of choice is definitely leaning toward the brassy in our bedroom...so I started my search for a small brass end table to use between two caned tub chairs that sit facing our bed.

Some of my choices:

WOW...the stuff of dreams. I needed the sniffing salts after setting my eyes on this beauty. 

Yup...I'll take this one too. I love the geometric border and the skinny legs.

I dig the twig. I've seen lots of these faux bois inspired tables around...and I love them. Kind of like the one we saw yesterday from Nate


I'm always a fan of a piece with bamboo lines...gorgeous.

The epitome of a beautiful, traditional side table.

I'll never turn down a Greek key motif.

Hexagonal Brass Side Table - Please Call for Pricing

A hexagon with a kiss of bamboo detailing...too good to be true.

I had SO many to choose from...I couldn't make up my mind.

Then I woke up. 

My budget was $0.00. This end table was a new, last-minute addition to the room's design scheme so if I had ANY chance of owning one, it had to be inexpensive.

So armed with my inspiration photos, I went to my favorite antiques dealer - Craigslist. Sure enough, after a week or two of searching, I happened upon this little beauty for $20.


Maybe not the stuff of dreams, but certainly something that would work with my non-existent budget. And, I think this table actually fits the space better than its fancy counterparts because it is not terribly high (only about 17") - perfectly suited for my pair of low tub chairs. 

I'm a happy camper.


  1. An excellent choice, and so very green of you to score it from Craig's List! What exactly is a tub chair?

  2. Hey for 20 bucks, that is a great find! It certainly mirrors the other expensive table that you were looking at! In my book that constitutes a grand slam!!

  3. Kitty - I do like to do my part for the planet by buying furniture :) Tub chairs are those semi-circle kind of chairs with a low back...mine are kind of like this one - http://tinyurl.com/yaxacwo

  4. Definitely CW...I was quite content with a similar look at a much easier price!

  5. Thanks for educating me. I don't know a lot about decor; i'm a yoga teacher-anthropologist-writer, but those blogs bore me so I love to make design friends. xo kitty

  6. Allison2/09/2010

    just coming across your blog. i <3 it! I'm a craigslist stalker too :)

  7. That works - let's see a pic with the chairs when you have a chance!

  8. I think you found a winner!!!
    It's great when one remembers there is always Craigslist to bring us in line with budgetary limits!!!
    Please show us how it looks when you get your room put back together.

  9. Will do ladies! I'll show pics as the room comes together.

  10. I love your Craigslist find -- and for $20 you can't beat it!

  11. Wow, great find! Isn't craiglist the best?? I just found your blog and I love brass and glass. In fact, I'm loving all things brass right now. I'll be sure to stop by again! Thanks.


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