Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Power of Upholstery

The magic of great fabric! The "before" picture of this settee actually isn't the bad, but WOW...the after is amazing. The geometric print totally revived this already beautiful piece of furniture!

I actually found these pictures via a Craigslist search - I don't even remember what I was looking for now, but these pictures totally impressed me. I think they were actually advertising reupholstery services (the post listed contact information as if anyone in the DC-area is looking for some upholstery work).

I am a firm believer in giving old pieces new life...that doesn't mean everything in my home is recycled, but many, many pieces are. And pictures like this reaffirm how far a little elbow grease can take a look around your house and see what pieces you might revive with a kiss of pretty fabric. Or (like me) scour Craigslist for treasures you can reinvent the next time you are in need of a new piece for your home...


  1. This is a huge transformation. How come I never find anything good on craigslist? I think I need to be more regular about looking. I saw a set of bamboo chairs before the holidays and am kicking myself for not trekking out to MD to pick them up!

  2. Whow. That greek key fabric is FANTASTIC. Any idea what it's called/who makes it?

    And I totally agree -- I love turning ugly, outdated pieces into amazing/make-a-room showstoppers.

  3. Susie (welcome btw...didn't get to properly welcome you the other day!) - Craigslist is definitely a "you never know what you'll find" kind of thing...ALTHOUGH I can say that I *usually* find what I'm looking for if I give it enough time and dedicate enough patience to searching.

  4. Averill - The only thing I saw on the listing (besides the advert for upholstery services) was that email address - but I bet if you email them they will know. I LOVED that fabric - made a world of difference on that piece.

  5. Agreed MLHP - I love the fabric choice!


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