Thursday, February 18, 2010


Alright KG and were right! I was totally lovin' on those orange chairs in yesterday's picture...the upholstery fabric to be exact. My blog friends know me well...

I have an ardent passion for Quadrille fabric - I love the stuff.  The color palettes of Q's various lines coupled with so many Chinoiserie options are enough to make a girl crazy (in a good way). But I have a dedication to one particular pattern, Paradise Background:

The Chinoiserie silhouette pops against such beautiful colors. Any time I see this fabric used in a room, it sings to me (at the top of its lungs). Check out some PB usage:

Chloe Warner used Pistachio on Tint

Can't remember where this pic is from, but the cube is covered in Raspberry on Tint.

 And lets not forget how Kendall Wilkinson used Orange on Tint (my obvious favorite) in this iconic bedroom

And another bedroom that is becoming iconic by Meg Braff who chose the beautifully neutral Taupe on Tint (doesn't Taupe on Tint just roll off the tongue?)

I never tire of rooms that use Paradise's just so lovely. But it's also quite pricey so my little hands have yet to get a hold of any to use in my home. 

But, a month or two ago, I had a ray of sunshine enter my life during one of my many, many fabric searches. No, I didn't find PB for $4.99 on eBay, but I did find a rather similar fabric that is quite afforable - Crystal Lake Amber by Robert Allen @ Home:




Bed dressed in Amber

The color palette is a bit darker than PB's, but it still uses a beautiful Chinoiserie silhouette - and for $27.93/yard available here, it's a price that I can live with until I attain PB status.


  1. ooh sounds good - i am in need of some now! KG

  2. I was thinking that chair might be what caught your eye - I know it's what I was all about. I too LOVE this pattern (as well as most other Quadrille lines) Simply put, it is perfect!

    Nice alternative, though!

  3. OOh great find, Daniela! I'm loving the midnight hue....dining room curtains perhaps?!

  4. Oh my gosh, that pattern would make for divine dining room curtains! Navy is so chic.

  5. Hi Daniela, I just found your blog and I love it ! Thanks so much for the new fabric site, I am crazy about fabric. That room in Southern Accents with the pink and brown Paradise Garden.....Fabulous !


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