Wednesday, November 25, 2009


There has been progress at the AO house in advance of Thanksgiving.

Lots of work on our main level bath thanks to the hard work of my father-in-law (thanks Jerry!) and Carter. Not quite done, but we're almost there. Bathroom post to come...

As I mentioned Friday, I had lots of fabric waiting for my sewing machine this weekend. The fabric for my dining room drapes came in (the one that would accompany Azalea) as well as the order for my various living room fabrics from my designBoard.

I was a happy little clam with all of my fabric rolls:

I spent Sunday working on my dining room drapes and I am very happy with the results. I shared the sneak peek yesterday and for lack of another picture I'm sharing it again. I plan a full dining room post with the reveal so stay tuned...

Last night, I worked on the velvet drapes for the living room and the pillows for the couch. Recall that I chose Lee Jofa's Sassari Ikat for the pillows - and I absolutely love it!

The drapes are a velvet by Greenhouse Designs called Caribbean. We currently just have them hanging from a rod and they are screaming (so loud it hurts) for a pelmet box or some other creation that will hide the rod and jazz up the window a bit. We also have an order in for some nice wood blinds to replace the current mini-blinds that are uglying-up my picture.



The last picture shows off some very good loot that I have collected for this room since we moved. I'm embarrassed to say that many items are from HomeGoods (not embarrassed that they are from HG, but embarrassed that you are starting to see how much time I spend there). HG was responsible for the lamp, green lacquer boxes, navy lacquer mirror and the "nesting" tables (they don't really nest).

The bust I found on Etsy (his date sits on our dining room bar) and here is my first julep cup put to use. The frame is my favorite wedding picture - our exit among some very smoky sparklers; they were huge! - and the magnifying glass I found...hmmm....where did I find that? Maybe HG? Not sure...

The fam starts rolling in tomorrow and we are very excited for some quality time with loved ones.


  1. Fantastic job on your curtains and pillows - especially love the ikat! Nice little vignette you have going on, too. I always find "tablescaping" to be a challenging art to master. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Thanks MLHP! Will you be celebrating a Brazilian Thanksgiving? Hope so...

  3. Love the pillows. Can't wait for the reveal. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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