Thursday, November 12, 2009

Puppy Love

I did leave out some accessories from my designBoard yesterday. I thought they were worthy of their own post.

Meet the Staffordshires:

This is the kind of accessory that when brought home makes Carter say, "D, what is THAT?" In this case, "D, what are THOSE?" And I stammer "Errmmm...what? The dogs? Oh, nothing. Just a little something I picked up.'ll learn to love them?"

I'm starting to realize that I have an unhealthy attraction to figurines. But I love them for their whimsy. And I'm trying desperately to use them in small doses...and when I came across these little puppies, I was hooked...they were perfect for the antique side table in the dining room.

And do you know who is behind these dogs? Carleton Varney. Yup. That Carleton Varney - protege to one Dorothy Draper.

You might recall that a couple of issues back, House Beautiful did a one-page spread on designers that push loot on the Home Shopping Network (HSN). They profiled Carleton Varney and Nate Berkus (QVC has Kenneth Brown) and showed these dogs as part of Mr. Varney's collection. You can get your own here.

I really like them. And I'm sure Carter will come to appreciate them. For now, the Staffordshires are sitting contently in my dining room, waiting to be styled with the rest of their friends from my designBoard.

p.s. I recently ran across a great post on The Peak of Chic all about Mr. Varney and his collection for it here


  1. Tell Carter to be grateful that it's not singerie like I have in my library. Staffordshire dogs are nothing compared to dressed monkeys!

  2. found you on chinoiserie chic - what a gorgeous blog! thanks,kitty.

  3. Welcome, Kitty! Hope you come back soon :)

  4. Those dogs are fantastic, and I love how you made something that is typically a "traditional" items look updated and fresh. Love your blog!

  5. Thanks MoS! Love your blog too :)

  6. SR2, you are right that Carter may not take kindly to dressed monkeys :) But I bet your library is fantastic!


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