Monday, November 23, 2009

Christmas Loot

Christmas came early for me. Friday, to be exact.

Carter and I were dining at a great Thai place which happens to be around the corner from my favorite HomeGoods location. The arrangement made for some convenient post dinner shopping so after we finished off our Panang curry I headed to HG while Carter perused the tie section of neighboring TJ Maxx (Carter's penchant for ties rivals mine for chairs).

I went my usual route - up the left taking in the vases and dinnerware - past the cookbooks and kitchen towels - quick stroll through the lamp section - round the corner into the furniture section...oh...dear...what is that...OH...oh, dear...must get

A frantic search found my dear one standing in line to check out, one Polo tie in hand, and I started my speech...I had just found the most amazing piece of furniture...I knew exactly where I would put it...We could not leave it at HG for some other individual to purchase...It was meant to be...He had to come see it.

Back to HG we went, and I made my case with the specimen at hand for Carter's consideration. Although he did not think that it fell into the category of necessities for our home (I disagreed), he did offer to make it my Christmas gift.

Merry Christmas to me:

Welcome home Chinese Chippendale pagoda chair. You will be very happy in our dining room. And I will cover your shiny red seat with some crazy good fabric...promise.

Thanks, Santa.


  1. My sentiments exactly, SR2.

  2. flippin' sweet. great score!

  3. I know, Kitty. I was giddy all weekend looking at it.

  4. any idea the style number? I have called a couple in my area and they are confused:)

  5. David - the tag says the style number is 014230...hope that helps!

  6. Pemberley11/24/2009

    LOVE IT! Such a find, you lucky girl.

  7. Where is this Home Goods! What a find - fantastic! congrats!

  8. Kingstowne location in Alexandria - they also had the most splendid lime green version...


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