Monday, November 16, 2009


I spent some time at my desk this weekend and started dreaming up my design scheme for our home office. The scheme is still TBD, but in my search for inspiration I came across many a desirable desk accessory. I love desk accessories - probably because they are often patterned and lovely like fabric or wallpaper.

And design is in the details - you could have a big ol' plain white desk (like mine from IKEA) but if you have chic desk accessories, you've updated the outfit (you that plain white shirt that's been with you since college and you should probably throw away but add a scarf and some dangly earrings and you look hot).

One detail that I always overlook is the trashcan. And I should. It's a trashcan...for my trash. But, I came across so many adorable trashcans online this weekend that I immediately put a DIY trashcan on my list of to-dos for the office (and for my bedroom as the current "wastebasket" next to my vanity is a hideous black mesh situation).

As noted, my trashcan will be DIY as the ones I found online are really pricey. But they are great for inspiration...

Available via Caspari



Available via Marye-Kelley




Lovely accents. My plan is to find a nice shaped trashcan (Target, IKEA, etc) and a lovely fabric and marry them with some spray adhesive. As soon as I do said project, I will of course share.


  1. AO - These "wastebaskets" are gorgeous, but what is a girl to do to keep them so loveley? A plastic grocery bag liner would be horrible, so are there any tricks to keep the decorative, functional trash bin from getting nasty over time? Throw only clean trash into it?

  2. Sheila - you make a fabulously valid point. What is form without function? But I consider these "wastebaskets" more for office/vanity situations that see mostly crumpled papers, receipts, that old pen that just ran out, perhaps a tissue - "dry goods," if you will. I would not tout using these in a high-traffic situation. That banana peel should still probably make its way to your kitchen trash...

  3. I love beautiful wastebaskets and have one in almost every room. One of my favorites is by Marye-Kelley. They make gorgeous things. I have also made two lovely decoupage ones myself. The word "trashcan" doesn't seem right for these. I think waste bin or wastebasket sounds less like banana peels go in them.

  4. SR2, you are quite correct. These are certainly wastebaskets...too pretty for a peel.


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