Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Julep, anyone?

Photo by Charles Walton IV via November 2009 Southern Living Magazine

Welcome to the inspiration for my holiday table. I've been wanting some mint julep cups...the perfect nod to the South. They were on my Christmas list. But then I saw this picture on page 12 of November's Southern Living, and it was done and done. Mint julep cups ordered.

Ideally, I would love to collect rare mint juleps cups with history...and some beautiful heirloom monogrammed ones...but, I'm impatient. And this inspiration photo was oh-so perfect for my Thanksgiving table all decked out in purple and green.

So, I went on the hunt. Naturally, I came across many a beautiful mint julep cup, but most did not work with my meager budget - especially since I wanted several.

Well my dears, I hit the jackpot. I found a collection of various sized cups on a site called Save on Crafts. I snapped up two tall-ish one for $15 each, and two smaller ones for $7 and $5...so I only paid about $10/cup and they are silverplate! I received them in the mail today and they are perfection...a nice weight and will be perfect on the holiday table and around my house once the holiday has passed (kind of like below).

Photo: Rick Szczechowski, Styled by Michelle Zuniga, via Zuniga Interiors blog

Granted, they are not heirloom, but they will do...and I can still slowly grow a collection of more meaningful pieces over time.

Not sure if I'll do the mums as shown in SL, but I will definitely do a monochromatic grouping of flowers in a green/lavender color scheme. And for Christmas, I'm thinking I'll use the two taller ones perhaps with a boxwood ball like this one.

p.s. The Save on Crafts site appears to be amazing for all sorts of supplies for home decorating - like apothecary jars, vases, branches, etc. - at great prices. And if you are planning a wedding (with lots of DIY crafts) this site is heaven-sent.


  1. I have used my julep cups in centerpieces for years. They are just the right size for a small table or great lined up on a long one! Every girl ought to own a set! You got a good deal!

  2. Susan - I did indeed get a great deal. And my table is just that - small - so these little cups will be perfect, but not take up precious real estate :)

  3. I love mint julep cups. I have a friend who has been collecting them for years and at their Kentucky Derby Party every year all the guests have real antique and vintage cups to drink their mint juleps. Great fun. Everyone should have a set. They are so stylish and versatile.

  4. SR2, I would adore a set of vintage cups large enough for entertaining use - that sounds fab.

  5. Mary Wright Baylor11/24/2009

    I just ordered 8 of these babies for year round use--THANK YOU for the tip! I love them already!


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