Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Graphic Griffin

Did you know Anna Griffin, the queen of all things paper (stationary, invitations, scrapbooking), also does fabric? And did you know that she does some pretty awesome, punchy, graphic fabric?

As you can tell from her logo (if you don't know Anna Griffin), she has a very feminine, romantic aesthetic (which you can see more of on her website). So, I was most surprised to come across her non-frilly fabric collection. I'm sure Ms. Griffin has a range of talents, but I had only seen her stationary side...but now I'll be watching her fabric line too as she has many offerings (including beautiful feminine prints...sheer perfection if your look is shabby chic).

One note that her fabric line is quilting cottons (exclusively, I think, but don't quote me), so it is not upholstery weight fabric. But, I tend to not care about those things...if you are pretty, and a fabric, I will probably slap you on anything. This type of fabric is great for some casual, punchy pillows or covering the seat of a cool chair that doesn't get a ton of use.

Some of my favorites:

The Alix Collection




The Calisto Collection

The Darcey Collection


My background pattern!! Wish she made it in orange!

You can see her full collection (and order it wholesale) by clicking here.

I have purchased some of these patterns myself via eBay...the prices are super affordable since they are quilting prints which tend to be less expensive than home dec fabrics (I paid between $6-$7 yard). If you go the eBay route, type in "Anna Griffin fabric" and you'll see lots of the above offerings for sale. I have not done a thorough hunt online for these fabrics, but I'm sure a Google search will yield good results.

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