Thursday, November 19, 2009

Absolutely Beautiful Anna

Anna Spiro and her blog, Absolutely Beautiful Things, send me into a tizzy on a daily basis.

Designer Anna Spiro

I'm sure many of you know her. The woman is an Australian design genius. She is the owner of Black and Spiro, a retail shop and interior design business in Brisbane. (Technically, I believe her brand is Black (ampersand) Spiro, but this darn blogging interface keeps messing up that character)

Anna is a designer that epitomizes my favorite aesthetic - classic and colorful with a good dose of whimsy...traditional with a twist.

My favorite blog posts on ABT are when Anna gives us a glimpse into her shop and her gorgeous, ever-changing storefront window display.

Wednesday's storefront window left me lightheaded.

All images via Absolutely Beautiful Things

Pink cockatoo lamps do that to me.

Anna's storefront displays serve as a constant inspiration for me:






And let's not forget the beautiful images she posts from inside the shop:






  1. She has such a great eye for putting colors and patterns together. No dull white and beige rooms for her, thank God!

  2. Perfection, indeed! Can you IMAGINE if we lived in Brisbane? Near-daily trips to her shop would become my crack!

  3. A plate tree! That's awesome. I'm totally in love with those lampshades.

  4. Love it. That is SO hard to do but she pulls it together perfectly...


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