Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Good Tidings to You

On Sunday, November jumped out from behind a corner and scared the daylights out of me. November, I HATE it when you do that.

But now that you are here, I must face my holiday to-do list. Not that I mind my holiday to-do list...in fact, I love every ounce of prepping for and enjoying Christmas. It's just that now I feel the time crunch. But, I work well under pressure.

So, this week, I'm focusing on some holiday prep items. Today, I ordered our Christmas cards - some divine little numbers off Etsy. I'm thrilled with them. Next up - pondering our annual soiree...and the invitations.

As part of my new found holiday spirit, I wanted to share these AMAZING Christmas stockings that I saw on Plum Cushion's Etsy shop:

all images via Plum Cushion





CRAZY good, right? Can you imagine having a Christmas stocking in Schumacher's Chiang Mai...with an Imperial Trellis cuff no less! The idea is shocking to the system (at least to my system).

I could not get over how fabulous these stockings are. The perfect way to start the season...


  1. I am Christmas insane-I will being doing Chinoiserie Christmas posts every day starting the day after Thanksgiving. I put up 8 trees last year. I love these stockings. Hope you will be scouting out more great Christmas ideas. I have added you to my blogroll on Chinoiserie Chic.

  2. Oh dear, so am I. Christmas insane, that is. And a Chinoiserie Christmas sounds like something straight from heaven. I can't WAIT to see your holiday edition.

    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll!

  3. I just ordered numbers 1 and 5 and have emailed her about whether she will be doing more Chinoiserie fabrics. Thanks again-so excited!

  4. I just received them and they are fabulous-thanks again!!!

  5. That was quick! Glad you liked them...do show some pics of how you end up using them!

  6. Whoa....stopped me in my tracks! These are breathtaking!


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