Tuesday, October 27, 2009

And in this corner...

...is our dining room bar. May I share another bit of the house with you?

Recall that I was recently quite excited about bars after flipping through my issue of House Beautiful. We have a particular corner of our dining room that is well suited to a bar set up. Our dining room is square and not so big, so I'm making good use of each corner (and have used an octagonal rug in the room to highlight my corner usage).

So, yet another item I wanted to complete pre-party was to set up the corner bar area. This didn't take much except to actually unpack some items, so it was not an adventurous goal. But, I'm glad I got it done as it added a little sparkle to the dining room, which is otherwise a bit bland at the moment, except for the striped green walls (oh yes, striped green).

Meet our bar:



A thank you to my mother-in-law for the tea cart. Can you believe she didn't want it? I was HAPPY to take that little piece.

And that mirror came with the house. Yup. It was here - tossed in a bedroom with a soccer ball and a wall calendar. More than happy to recycle that piece - I love how tall it is. And it's totally beaten up. It's also heavy as sin. Carter gave me quite a talking to for deciding to hang such a heavy mirror over a GLASS tea cart holding ALL OF OUR CHINA. I definitely could not fall asleep thinking about it - I snuck out of bed Sunday night to roll the tea cart away from the wall...and then I drifted off just fine.

The liquor bottles are sitting on an old silver plate we found at an estate sale.  The little bust is a vintage Etsy find (she came with a date - he's sitting on an end table in our living room). The tumblers are random that I've accumulated, and the little handled tray I picked up on my recent trip to Atlanta.

And my china! I liked how it looked piled up in the cart. It's my dining room's best accessory. All that pretty gold and green.

I'm not quite done with our bar (am I ever done with a project?), but for now,  it makes for a lovely little corner.

*p.s. I am attending an exciting event tonight. Look for a summary post either tomorrow or Thursday...


  1. Anonymous10/28/2009

    Love this look, D!

  2. Thanks Holly! I'll have fun continuing to arrange this one :)


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