Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Crush

The crush-o-meter went through the roof when I saw this bedroom, designed by Meg Braff, on the cover of the October 2009 issue of House Beautiful magazine. The striped walls, the Chinoiserie Quadrille fabric, the turquoise accents, the bamboo light fixture (I covet those fixtures in an unhealthy way). I stared at this cover for a LONG time. I will forever come back to it for inspiration.

We had a slight change of plans for this weekend - my f-i-l is a bit under the weather, so he'll be joining us in a couple of weeks. I have dinner with the gals tonight and then a weekend full of house projects - I've been focusing a bit more on decoration than hard labor recently, so I need to put in some time. Among my list of items are finishing my living room curtains and painting our bedroom, which will be QUITE the task. I'm exhausted already. Carter will be having a go at the bathroom...

Let me know if you have any design adventures planned for the weekend - would love to hear about them - you can comment below! See you Monday!

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