Monday, October 19, 2009

Tortoise Tumblers

Don't be shocked, but I didn't get as much done this weekend as I had planned. The November issue of House Beautiful, a cozy blanket and tea were all calling my name on Saturday morning, so I obliged. And that set the mood for my weekend...but mad props to Carter who worked really hard this weekend and crossed many items off of his to-do list. I did finish one set of curtains...and decided on some colors...and started to set up our dining room bar...all wildly important things, people.

Speaking of bars, the issue of HB that I carefully studied this weekend had lots of gorgeous pictures of bars. And Friday night, my friend Lans asked what to do in a dining room that is quite large, but your table is quite small - set up a bar! All those gorgeous bottles and glassware...not to mention that a beautiful bar is a detail that I find warm with hospitality - drink or no drink. It's that you thought to be prepared.

image: Christopher Baker via House Beautiful

The image above is of the living room bar of a home designed by Markham Roberts (the dining room had lacquered green walls....swoon). The tableau arrangement is just beautiful, but my eye was drawn to those tortoise tumblers. How stunning.  Tortoise is so classic. And to think of sipping a little cocktail situation out of one of those glasses surrounded by a nice picture in my head.

So said affair Saturday morning with HB, tea and a blanket also involved a couple of catalogs that had piled up during the week (that Carter attempts to throw away before I get home...luckily I snagged these before Mr. Censorship could lay his hands on them). So, as I flipped through Horchow and a catalog called Cambria Cove, wouldn't you know it....

Tortoise Drinkware at Horchow

I also found these...

Classic Vidrio Tortoise Glassware at Madison Ave. Gifts

So beautiful...and a charming alternative to the standard crystal tumblers and highballs. These are now on my mile long wish list....

*On another note, I will be doing some upcoming posts on bathroom design to answer some questions I've gotten - do you have any bathroom Q's of your own? Do share...

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