Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Eye Candy

Today's post is pure eye candy.

I adore china. Each plate is like a little work of art. A beautiful pattern sends me into a tizzy. Marrying Carter was obvi the best part of my wedding, but I'll have to admit that second runner up was picking my wedding china - Derby Panel Green by Royal Crown Derby (I think that is where my love affair with all things green began).

I was perusing the Michael C. Fina site the other day - it is one of the largest online sources of beautiful china. They carry the gorgeous stuff that is harder to find in large selections in stores these days (which totally depends on where you are and the type of store, but during my wedding china hunt, I found it hard to find a shop that stocked colored patterns except for one or two in my area).

During my browsing session, I happened upon these gorgeous specimens by Alberto Pinto.  And the tizzy began:










My favorite for last...


Chinoiserie strikes again! Aren't they gorgeous? I would welcome any of these patterns in my dining room. The full collection can be viewed here...

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