Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Eco Schumacher

Last week, I was reading this article in The Washington Post about the CharityWorks GreenHouse currently on display in McLean, Virginia.

The house is a showcase of sustainable, eco-friendly design proving that good taste can be green. One of the photos in the article caught my eye - it referenced curtain fabric by Schumacher. Wait, Schumacher? Tell me more...

So I whizzed over to the Schumacher site and read about their Terra line. Quoteth Schumacher:

"With authentic, third-party certification, all products under the Schumacher Terra name will provide you with beautiful choices while meeting recognized standards for environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing processes. Products feature natural and renewable materials such as linen, jute, bamboo, and certified organic cotton, and are produced according to some of the most respected sustainable guidelines for the protection of the environment and human welfare."

I followed that up with a little more research and found a very nice blog post about it that you can read here. All that information is well and good, but I was a bit more interested in what it looked like.

Behold eco-fabulousness:
images via

Glacier Fret in Bark

Coastal Stripe in Mineral

New River Weave in Fern

Pebble Texture in Onyx

Green and gorgeous.

If you are wondering how to purchase these fabrics, read my post on sourcing fabric online - the "to the trade" section.

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