Thursday, October 8, 2009

Online Fabric Sources

I have a serious fabric habit. I love the stuff. I buy it for pillows and for curtains and for recovering chairs - there is SO much you can do with fabric...I may need to post on that. And I'm not Fräulein Maria sewing up play clothes for the von Trapp kids - I have the most basic sewing skills, but you don't need to know much to sew a pillow...hmmm, perhaps another post on that.

Aesthetic Oiseau will oft profile fabric so I wanted to share some of my favorite resources should one of my posts inspire you to go out and buy some. Brick and mortar stores are always an option (check your local listings), but I'm finding that more and more (like so many other things) I'm turning to online resources.

This is where you stop and say "D! How am I supposed to buy fabric online? Don't I need to SEEEE it, FEEEEL it, hold it up to my couch and my wall and make sure it MATCHES*?!" And this where I say, "Calm down, dear. Most online fabric stores offer inexpensive samples to help you make your choices. Occasionally they don't. But if you love the fabric, live dangerously. Chances are you'll find a way to use it."

There are eleventy billion places online to buy fabric. I'm sure I have not discovered 1/10 of what is out there. But I know that I have searched the Web extensively and keep coming back to some great places. - Your fabric general store. They have a wide range of fabrics from crowd pleasers like Waverly, Braemore...all at fantastic prices. And they have a 30-day money back guarantee! Win, win.

Warehouse Fabrics Inc - Another great place to shop for your basics. This site, as well as, are great for large quantity purchases like curtains or upholstery. - I just discovered this site. It's stocked with punchy quilt patterns. I could see someone with a quirky, modern aesthetic really liking some of these patterns - or someone who wants to add some whimsy to a traditional piece. LOTS of Amy Butler.

Calico Corners - A fabric staple. Good range of moderately priced fabrics - and a nice assortment of higher end fabrics as well. They also carry Annie Selke's fabric line (which I think is unique to them?). CC also does custom work with their fabric - upholstery, curtains, pillows. If you have the budget for professional work, they are a good resource.

Inside Fabric - A go-to if you are looking for something a little more sophisticated. They have LOTS of amazing fabric - especially from Greenhouse Design and Duralee, which I particularly like for good looks at decent prices. My only gripe with this site is that it is not easy to navigate - you can't filter your results, so you're stuck going page by page by page to find what you are looking for. But, this site has many designers that you won't easily find online.

Decorators Best - One of the few sites that sells truly designer fabric (like Schumacher) although the selection is limited. High-end manufacturers aren't really available online - they are "To the Trade" only, meaning an interior designer needs to purchase the fabric on your behalf. But, Decorators Best offers this service - if there is a fabric you love from a To the Trade manufacturer, they will give you a price quote and order the fabric for you. Keep in mind these fabrics are quite pricey and often will have minimums, so it's still not easy to purchase - but at least it is an option if you aren't working with an interior designer.

L.A. Design Concepts - Another resource that will help you source To the Trade only materials (fabric, furniture, wallpaper, etc.).  Their site offers links out to various manufacturer sites so you can find what you want and then come back to LADC to place an order through them. Puts designer items within reach of little ol' consumers like me.

eBay - Always a tried and true resource. I found my gorgeous Schumacher bedroom fabric on eBay for a steal. As is always the case with eBay, let the fabric find you. I had no idea what I wanted - I just searched and landed on something I loved. You never know...

*A special AO note: I wince at the idea that things have to match. Don't make it that hard on yourself. My golden rule: Nothing has to match, but everything has to complement. It makes my life easier and my space more interesting.


  1. when are you going to post photos of your house?! Your fans are waiting with bated breath...

  2. Oh dear...yes, yes. I need to do that don't I? I'll start posting about some rooms. Bated breath brings you back though, right? :)


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