Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Crush

photo by Laurey W. Glenn

Peacock walls. Yes, please.

This room is brought to you by NYC-based Markham Roberts. I have a note to self to peruse his portfolio as twice this week I have come across his work (he was the designer behind the lacquered green dining room featuring the tortoise tumblers) and enjoyed it.

What strikes me most about the room above is the genius blend of masculine and feminine. The rich wall tone, the dark floor and that beautiful club chair are warm and masculine; but the flowers, accessories, moldings are all lovely feminine touches...and the statement mirror is somewhere inbetween. Creating a gender neutral space can be quite the challenge.

We've got big plans this weekend. We'll be hosting our 3rd Annual Lowcountry Boil - an affair with a big pot of shrimp/corn/sausage/potatoes, drinks, good friends and lovely weather. We have yet to host our friends for an event at the AO House, so we're excited to open our doors and fill this place with those we care about. Last minute prep is underway...

I hope you have a fab weekend. Don't forget to tell me about any design adventures you have...

See you Monday!

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  1. Anonymous10/23/2009

    OHH! I so love this too! See you this weekend, Julianne


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