Thursday, October 11, 2012

Walton Mirror

First, I loved your comments on yesterday's post. I need to quiz you on your opinions more often.

Second, have you checked out Zara Home yet? Zara that we all know and love for our clothes is now offering their home loot to U.S. customers. I have only done a quick survey of the merch, but I came across this mirror that I instantly loved and I was trying to remember where I had seen something similar used...

And then I remembered the picture of this bathroom from my Country Farmhouse post:

Photos by Max Kim-Bee via Country Living

BAM! Doesn't that mirror make the room? If you recall, this home is all white and bright accented with deep wood tones and I L-O-V-E it. And I think the mirror use here is perfect (though a little sad that you can't actually use the mirror due to placement...or maybe they moved the planter after the photoshoot).

Anyway, all to say that Zara's version of the mirror would look awesome in a similar all-white space. And I'll point out the obvious that the lines of the mirror are just waiting to be painted a fantastic color if the wood tone isn't right for you. It's a decent size at 21.7" high and 13.8" wide and is a good price point of $79. I'm sure it will become a favorite among us.


  1. I just spent yesterday browsing all of their products! What great prices too.
    Have a great day.

  2. Lady! I just put up an old mirror that looks just like that at Jeff's. I love it:)


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