Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mandarin Peony Wallpaper

I'm not sure how this happened, but I only recently discovered Schumacher's Mandarin Peony wallpaper. Where has it been all my life???

I hereby pledge my utter devotion to this wallcovering. It is a spectacular Chinoiserie floral with the same feel as a handsome de Gournay number. I am thrilled with my Le Lac nursery plans, but had I known about Mandarin Peony, I may have gone this direction.

Seriously, I can't stop staring. I really want to use it somewhere...oh the possibilities!


  1. the price tag might slow you down. I had a client ask for this, until we discovered that it is over $200 per YARD, and that's the trade price!

    We used Thibault papagayo instead. Not quite as glorious in person, but lovely and far cheaper!

  2. We used Richloom's Tree of Life Peony, and did the drapes instead of paper. I agree, it was not as glorious, either.


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