Monday, October 1, 2012

Collected Cottage Nursery

I'll be honest that I don't often see a nursery that I would actually pick up and put in my own home. But I would with this one. It's in the home of Ashley Putnam that was featured in Lonny many moons ago:

Ashley's nursery wasn't actually featured in the mag, but blogger Lauren of The Semi-Designed Life took these pictures while touring the home in person during a holiday tour so we can thank her for the view.

Trust me that it's worth clicking here to see that 1st image much larger...lets you soak in the details.

Now you are likely thinking I'm lying when I say I'd use this in my home since you know that my own nursery is all fired up with Le Lac and bamboo lighting and lots of color (and you know it'll probably be a lot for the eyes)...and this is all true...but I also have a deep love for a collected, cottage style and I think I base a lot of my home on that aesthetic.

I'll wager that this home isn't exactly a "cottage" in its stature, but I think this room uses a lot of the elements that I love so much - the paneling, the use of white, the vintage mix of an old wooden armoire, the baskets...

I also love her use of both baby blue and aqua together. And of course my favorite bamboo blinds look stunning in this space and the window seat arrangements look particularly the patterned pillows.

Overall, though, what I like best is that the room feels collected. Like every little piece was selected for its own loveliness and then mixed together to create a unique look that you won't find in a catalog and that I am sure speaks to Ashley's taste and family.

Very well done...

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