Monday, October 29, 2012

Vintage Nursery Mirror

Even more vintage for the nursery! I recently scored this awesome vintage palm mirror from my friend Sarah's shop - Matters of Style Marketplace:

Isn't it grand?? I have a spot for a mirror next to our rocking chair and I'll be honest that budget had run out and I was planning to use something we already had. And I likely should have done that because I had some good FREE options to choose from.

But then I saw this mirror from Sarah and I had to have it...I became a woman obsessed. It's just so fun to look at and I think it will be such a great touch in this corner of the room. It's currently in the mail and I can't wait to get it!


  1. wow, it is so unique and amazing! Good luck in the storm Daniela! At least you have a few days off?
    xo Nancy

  2. I love this mirror! Isn't Sarah's shop THE BEST??!! I love her stuff and she gets more of my $$ than I should turn loose of, but I just can't resist!

  3. So cute! Can't wait to see the nursery.

  4. Aww yay!! You should get it tomorrow!!


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