Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Crush

Loved seeing this delicious teaser on Grant K. Gibson's Twitter feed...Chinoiserie wallpaper and a gorgeous, sleek sconce in a client's powder room. You know this has to be stunning in person!

A question for you savvy I'm putting up pretty similar sconces in the nursery. The only problem is that the shade - similar in shape to this one - is frosted glass. But I need it to be red. Do I paint it? Or do I cover it with fabric? What do you think? Give me your advice in the comments...

Have a wonderful weekend...see you Monday!


  1. Daniela I know there is glass paint available; I am not a DIYer so I would not attempt to cover it with fabric, although one of the other bloggers may have a tutorial.

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  2. I am not sure and you are probably going to have to experiment Daniela but I would think fabric and then some pretty trim on the edge? I would be worried that painting it would result in the color being distorted Wonder if you could spray the insides a color and put fabric on the outside!

  3. I think you should paint it!!

  4. I'd experiment with some sort of spray paint, keeping the heat of the bulb in mind. I think any other sort of paint technique would result in brushmarks. Or, perhaps Mod Podging it with multiple layers of red tissue paper? Maybe even doing either treatment on the inside of the shade.
    If all else fails I would get a pretty red shade with a clip that will attach to your light bulb.

  5. I would not paint it. Unless you get a perfect coat of paint on it it will end up looking uneven and blotchy! Your nursery is so pretty and sophisticated I would definitely do fabric shade. Take your measurements and call my friend Ron in NY. He owns the most incredible shade shop ever!!! He will do a COM for you too! You will love it! I promise!

  6. Anonymous10/19/2012

    IKEA used to sell {at least within the last year, I don't get there more than once a year having to drive from Richmond} a similar shape but maybe a tad bit taller chandelier clip on shade covered in **red linen-like fabric** for a buck ($!). No typo. Great shade. I used to use the red at Christmas. As for modifying your shades how about a slip-cover instead? ... use fuseable interfacing and heat set to your fabric to give it structure ... cut fabric to shade size ... use fabric glue along seam edge ... fabric glue to apply trim if desired ... slip over shade. And with any modification to the shade I'd definitely use a no heat / low heat LED bulb for fire safety. Oh the joys of DIY ;) Robin

  7. Anonymous10/19/2012

    definitely fabric...something like the striped ribbon in your valance or a small matching print. I'm so glad you chose red. I had a red nursery and we loved it.

  8. I would get silk or linen shades. Ballard and Shades of Light are good sources.

  9. I just finished a project where we used 3 of these sconces in a row for a master bathroom -SO ELEGANT!

  10. If replacing it with a red silk shade isn't an option I would paint it (definitely spray! The brush strokes will drive you insane!)


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