Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nursery Closet Inspiration

Some images to give you an idea of what I have up my sleeve for the nursery closet...

Miles Redd

Source? via pink wallpaper

Source? via pinterest

 Photo by Tim Walker for Vogue Italia via this is glamorous

Polka dots of the black and white variety will take center stage! In my head, my plan looks awesome. We'll see once we execute...

p.s. I hate posting images with no source so please fill me in if you know where some of those orphans are from...


  1. I love the look, and it could be such a great project done free-hand too, with the dots unevenly dispersed on the wall. Looking forward to seeing the result!

  2. Love the dots ... and my oldest is an Eloise fan ... so loved that image! xo


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