Tuesday, October 9, 2012

China Seas Macao

I have rediscovered this amazing fabric from China Seas...Macao II. The colors are amazing and the floral is spectacular...

 Design by Jeffrey Bilhuber, image via Quadrille

 Image from Traditional Home via Quadrille

Look at the decadence of using this fabric for upholstery! An entire couch in the lilac colorway is just mind-blowing...I love it so much. I think the lilac is definitely my favorite - the color pairing is so exuberant but feels so sophisticated.

Do you have a favorite?


  1. I have always loved that room with the green chairs. That fabric is a nice twist on traditional chintz

  2. Anonymous10/09/2012

    Ordered this fabric in the blue for a client. We were told they couldn't give us a delivery date - could be five months. Client was willing to wait and we decided to just use it for cushions and pillows. Waited over seven months, moving factory, it will be here this week, oh printing screen damaged. This went on for at least seven months or more. Finally, while in New York I went into the showroom and they had a large wing which was given to me and they found one more large wing in another showroom which was sent to me. By the way you had to pay up front! So, if you order it and it isn't in stock and they tell you it will be a wait - believe them and be prepared for many a tale as to why you haven't received it. I still buy there fabrics, but felt the delay and continuous promises were disappointing.

  3. The lilac is stunning and exactly as you said - so rich and so sophisticated!!

    Definitely a favourite from China Seas!

    You must use it and keep us posted :).


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