Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Serene Green Bedroom

Photo by Michael Graydon via House and Home

I'm still wishing our bedroom was a little softer and this one by Anne Hepfer. I love the fluffy white pillows and the upholstered headboard. And I think what I like most is that shade of green that envelopes the room...I guess it's sage? The complete package of this room is just so serene and comfy and clean. I also always love when lighting is incorporated in a bed canopy like this...they seem like magic floating fixtures.

I would change one thing, though...I would switch out the throw for a lavender one! Bring in just one colorful item to break up the green.

Do you like anything in particular about this bedroom?


  1. I love the room too! I totally agree with the lavender throw-great idea!

  2. That half canopy is just beautiful - what a soft, delicate room.

  3. I am nuts for canopies and coronets. The more fabric the better. I love all of the white linens.

  4. I love the headboard and I would love to see a lavender throw.


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