Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Otomi Pillows via Etsy

Mexican Otomi textiles are having a bit of a heyday right now and for good reason. The bold silhouettes of flora and fauna have a modern, graphic appeal and they are incredibly fun to look at.

Most Otomi items I see are done in bold colors, so I was so delighted to see a different option in these beautiful neutral Otomi pillow covers on Etsy from Annie Ross Designs:

The colors are absolutely gorgeous, don't you think??? A great Etsy find...especially since they are only $38 (for the pillow cover)!

Purchase here...


  1. Good find! Such a great price!

  2. Love them and the first color is perfect for my home...great find!!

  3. That is a good price. I jjust returned from a wonderful vacation in Mexico and can't get enough of these! I brought a large milti-colored one home with me, but now I want a solid-color to go with it!

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