Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Yellow Lavender Boho Glam Bedroom

I needed a dose of Angie Hranowsky today...she is amazing. I love how she has mixed yellows and lavenders in this room, but didn't shy away from also incorporating mirrored pieces that have a silver hue to them. I think they give the room great dimension and the mirrored pieces make what is otherwise a boho space feel more glam.

And the yellow lamps are killer, aren't they? If you like the look, there are many pairs to be had on Etsy:

HomeGoods is also always a great source for colorful lamps and my local store seems to be big on mirrored cabinets recently, so you could likely snag a pair of those too if you have an HG close to you. 


  1. Love your inspiration room ~ Many thanks for including my vintage yellow lamps in your post!

  2. I really like this look and wish my 14 year old daughter would let me redo her room in a similar fashion.


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