Thursday, February 23, 2012


Ok this one might be a stretch, but go with it. We all remember Melissa Warner's banging apartment featured in House Beautiful a while back, yes? I was recently reacquainted with it when I saw this image floating around the interweb:

Photo by Victoria Pearson via House Beautiful

This image is quite stunning and was one of my favorites in the spread. But this time around, it reminded me of something and I couldn't put my finger on it....hmmmm....

Waitholdthephone - the console reminded me of another (retail) console that I recently spotted and flagged for potential use with a client. 

Do they look alike, just a wee bit? Not the colors, but the feel?

You may or may not have strong feelings about Angelo Surmelis, designer of this piece and host of some HGTV show that I can't remember. I usually don't dig crossover-TV-personality-to-furniture-designer pieces, but I liked the look of this particular item. I really liked the quasi-limed look of the finish and thought the front detail was fun with the wee ring pulls. And the price is good, which always gets my vote.

Anyhoo, my brain made a connection. Do you like my "look-alike" piece, or it's not doing it for you?


  1. the "brackets" in the lower corners holding the shelf are throwing me off. I would jigsaw them into another shape. It feels a tad Southwestern.

  2. Joanna2/23/2012

    I totally see the resemblance, and I love them both! I particularly love the bottom shelf details, especially from the side view. I either need to buy a much bigger house or stop reading your blog!

  3. I just found your lovely design blog. I'm your newest follower. Would love a visit from you if you get a chance.


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