Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Aqua Jade Dining Room from Katie Rosenfeld

Katie Rosenfeld is a major design talent. Remember this crazy-amazing blue/green vignette? That image is seared into my brain. I have recently found another room by Katie that is now permanently downloaded into my brain.

This dining room:

Photos by Michael J. Lee

What color is that on the walls? I work in colors all day long, and I'm having trouble naming it. The best I could come up with is Aqua Jade. It's not green enough for true jade, but too green for a traditional aqua. And it's not turquoise.

Look at that wood floor in the second picture. And isn't the painting in the hallway in the first picture the perfect prologue to the room? I absolutely love Katie's saturated color choices, all set off with lots of beautiful white molding.

Fantastic design.

View more of Katie's work here, and visit her blog here. And thanks to The Pink Pagoda for posting the image that caught my eye yesterday.


  1. Those are beautiful rooms. The color combinations are gorgeous. Nice to have just found your blog:)

  2. When I chipped it at Sherwin Williams it said it was lounge green...if you want to see my chip go to my pinterest board for paint @ I haven't actually whipped out my deck but I'm guessing that might be close...while I am at it i think i will chip the other Katie design

  3. I love this! It's almost like a reverse accent wall with the whole fireplace section in white.

    Think I'd call the color mint green.

  4. Anonymous2/09/2012

    Of course the color on my monitor may be different than the source photo ... but a few years back we were always trying to find the right place in our house to use a color named "Egyptian Blue" by Martin Senour Paints (that color might have been part of their licensed Frank Lloyd Wright collection which they no longer market.) Egyptian Blue read a tab less vibrant than this photo on my screen but I definitely believe it is in the same color family, an aqua jade.


  5. Anonymous2/17/2012

    Did you see Katie posted the color name on her blog this week. It is a Stark Paint called Chelsea Green


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