Thursday, February 16, 2012

Chinoiserie Slow Cookers

That is a bizarre post title, isn't it? Thanks to Southern Living's Twitter feed, I was introduced to these slow cookers designed by Dana Gibson for Hamilton Beach:

Aren't they brilliant? I looooove my slow cooker - but it stays in a closet because it's not exactly jewelry for my counter. But these decorative cookers would look so lovely while you're entertaining - serving stew or a hot dip - they become part of the display ensemble!

I can't think of a more perfect domestic wedding gift...or Thursday treat.

p.s. I didn't know Dana Gibson is based in Richmond, VA (my hometown). That is very exciting.


  1. Ha, I have a perfectly good slow cooker, that is not pretty. I would rather have that green one.

  2. Trust me, I have all the slow cookers I need, but fully intend to purchase the blue and white one you show here! How fabulous!!! Can't wait to try out some fabulous slow cooker recipe and leave this sitting out on my counter for a whole day!!! Thank you for sharing!!! Now to locate it.....

  3. My slow cooker died and I've been needing to replace it. They're all so ugly it's not a fun purchase. Now, I'm going to get the blue and white one you featured and love seeing it on the counter!

  4. That is amazing, pining now!

  5. It's about time someone thought of this. Now, I wish someone would come up with a similarly attractive rice cooker.


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