Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Portola Lantern

Speaking of luxury items that recently caught my attention, I found the lantern that I will one day use in a pair over a large kitchen island:

I call it the Festoon Lantern. Its manufacturer, Troy Lighting, calls it Portola. I ADORE the dandy shot of feathers at the top and the lovely scroll detailing. And this particular silhouette, with its more squat proportions, is perfect to hang in a pair over my one-day kitchen island.

The lantern also comes in different silhouettes, all with the same style:

The ones above would be so nice in a foyer. Troy also offers outdoor options perfect to adorn your home's visage.

» Click here to see the collection from Troy
» Click here to see the collection for purchase (they seem to be widely available online)


  1. Such gorgeous details!!!

  2. Love this lantern! Thanks for sharing!

  3. thank you for an outstanding source!


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