Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Matching Fabric Set

Like most things design, I'm equal opportunity when it comes to the combination of fabrics. I love walking into a room whose fabrics don't match, but coordinate. I also love walking into a room whose fabrics are a perfect matching set.

If you are in the mood for a matching set for your next project, consider the combination of these three fabrics by Richloom:

I just received samples in the mail of the bottom two and they are very lovely. I actually used the multicolored stripe in a blue colorway for Mason's nursery and really liked it. I think the color story of these three fabrics is unique - peach, plum, ivory, olive - very nice.

In a bedroom, I'd use the floral on a headboard and bedskirt, the multistripe on curtains, and the geometric stripe on furniture (chair seat) or pillows.

One thing to note is that all three of these fabrics have a satiny texture to them - they have a bit of sheen which makes them feel fancy. But they are all less than $15/yd, so fancy they are not. But using them all to full effect in a room would create quite the space.

Do you like your fabrics to match - ie. have the same colors, texture, manufacturer? Or do you prefer to use different fabrics with different colors/textures/patterns in a room?


  1. I like to mix up the textures. It's nice when the manufacturer has coordinates but it's also fun to hunt for them !

  2. I love to mix patterns.. that plum and olive is a great color way. Love the last one!!!!!

  3. I like to mix it up. Patterns, textures and price! All that matters is that it all goes well together. In my living room, I re-covered an old chair in a canvas-like floral fabric that I found in the Walmart fabric department on closeout for $2 a yd! Looks fabulous with other upholtered new furniture in the room. All bright and interesting and enthusiastic!

  4. Hi Daniela...

    I am not a matchy, matchy girl - so these three fabrics look fantastic to me. I know about Richloom - but I didn't know they were this reasonable. I have to check them - so thanks for posting this great information.

    I am definitely going to follow you as well - because I was looking online for a less expensive version of the knot mirror - and alas...I read your blogpost way too late (and now the knot mirror is out of stock at Kirkland's). Woe is me. If you find it anywhere else - please let me know.




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