Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Striped Awnings

When Jamie posted a picture of this awning, it reminded me of two things.

#1 - I saw a fantastic indoor awning DIY on Pinterest a while back...it's completely adorable and very doable. Both of our upstairs bedrooms have alcoves that may need this decorative treatment ASAP.

#2 - Carter and I are about 90% sure we are going to opt for an awning on our front stoop when we tackle the house's exterior this spring. We both love the look of an old-school awning and our stoop is a bit exposed when it's raining and such. We think it will also give our plain little house a bit of character once we paint it and spruce up the front yard.

A quick Google search landed me on an awning manufacturer in our area (Thomas Shade Inc.) and look at the fun edge treatments we can pick from (all done with Sunbrella fabric):

I think I would opt for a classic stripe and any of these jazzy edges would look amazing! Will file this little nugget away for the spring...


  1. Love the "Dickerson" -- seems like the best of all worlds in terms of masculine/feminine, structured/detailed, etc. Fun!

  2. Thank you for this tip! We hope to paint our brick home soon and I have been wanting an old style fabric awning such as this as a less expensive alternative to building columns, etc. Thanks!
    Whitley Adkins Hamlin

  3. Daniella I love love the storefront. So inviting. Then your idea of doing the indoor awnings for the alcove windows is perfect!!


    Art by Karena

  4. i do awnings INSIDE every chance i get.
    especially in breakfast areas.
    it makes it so 'cafe-ish'



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